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Advocacy for Unmatched Physicians

Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Tipton

I became interested in the residency bottleneck after meeting a group of unmatched physicians at a conference in 2021. I was astounded by their skills and their stories. The system has truly failed so many of our medical school graduates. In 2022 when my primary care practice, CopperView Medical Center, in South Jordan Utah needed more physicians I proposed hiring an associate physician. My partners were willing to try it out. We posted an ad on and the response was overwhelming. We ended up hiring two unmatched physicians Spring 2022 and learned a lot from the experience.

Ideally graduate medical education funding will be reformed so more Residency spots can be created, but in the meantime, physicians in Utah can help by sponsoring an unmatched physician. In order to share what I have learned I created a video on this website with steps to hire. Also included is a shortened version of the talk given at the Physicians for Patient Protection conference in Nashville, TN in 2022.

Mary Tipton, M.D., is a physician owner at CopperView Medical Center in South Jordan. She is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics.

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