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For Unmatched MD's and DO's

Step 1

Start by reviewing the current law in Utah to make sure you qualify for the restricted license. Did you graduate from a US Medical School within the last 3 years? Did you pass Step 1 during medical school and Step 2 within the last 2 years? If yes to both, you should be eligible to work in any specialty anywhere in Utah.

Step 2

Find an attending who will agree to hire you, and most in Utah have never heard of an AP. Until the AP law is more commonplace, you may have more success with a private practice than a hospital. Send this video to as many doctors, clinics, and hospitals as you can, which will direct them to this website.

Step 3

You and your attending physician need to fill out the DOPL forms and a collaborative practice agreement.

Step 4

While you are waiting for DOPL and the Utah medical board to approve your license, shadow your attending physician and learn their system and expectations.

Step 5

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