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For Physicians

Step 1

Review the Utah law by clicking HERE. You may hire an unmatched graduate who has passed Step 1 and Step 2 within the last 2 years, graduated from a US Medical School within the last year, and isn't currently enrolled in a residency program. They can work for a max of 6 years in any specialty and any area in Utah.

Step 2

Write a job description

Step 3

Create a job posting. is a great place for this. You should also contact medical schools in your area or state.

Step 4


Step 5

Write contract

Step 6

Obtain a Restricted Associate Physician through DOPL (Division of Professional Licencing). Start by clicking HERE. They will verify where your AP went to medical school and where they started residency if applicable. This can take weeks or possibly months.

You will also need to write up a Collaborative Practice Arrangement for your AP that meets these requirements HERE.

Step 7

Apply for a DEA for the AP. Wait time is 6-8 weeks. Utah allows them to prescribe schedule 3 through 5 controlled substances.

Step 8

Train while waiting for license and DEA

Step 9

Obtain liability insurance through your policy. You will be billing under your name.

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